Date Description
06/8/2010 Speeded up report generation.
04/29/2010 Created separate checkboxes for reporting options.
04/26/2010 Added "Resident" checkbox to vehicle information to denote vehicles that are owned by residents.
12/11/2009 Removed references to "Guests" to generalize the vehicle registration process.
10/31/2009 A Restricted User role can be assigned to users.   Restricted users can view but not edit vehicle information.
10/01/2009 A restricted checkbox has been added to the vehicle database.   When checked, guests are restricted from adding more visits.
09/20/2009 Visits are now timestamped when recorded.  The timestamp appears in the Visits table on the Vehicle information page.
08/01/2009 Added checkbox to vehicle search page to enable the license dropdown list.
08/01/2009 Fixed bug where changing a vehicle license number to an existing one caused the license number to be duplicated in the database.
06/03/2009 Modified vehicle registration pages to allow use of apostrophy (') symbol in text fields.
05/17/2009 Added Parking report that summarizes monthly parking activities.  The reporting period is determined by the month selected for the ending date range.
05/12/2009 Added Internet Link Description field to Setup Site Policies.  The contents of the Internet Link field will establish the target URL but the Internet Link Description will appear as the text of the hyperlink.
05/11/2009 Added CC field to Property Manager EMail contact information.  If not blank, CC recipient will be copied on registration emails generated by the server.
03/30/2009 System Administrator only -- added user account enable/disable support.
01/25/2009 Added "Temporary Parking" policy.  Vehicles become eligible for tow when "n" consecutive Activity reports are recorded with the "Parked" column checked.  This feature is disabled by default (see Site Policies Setup).
10/29/2008 Added site name to title of Activity reports in Excel spreadsheets.
10/29/2008 Changed presentation of times in Activity reports to 24-hour format.
08/10/2008 Added display of activity report history to mobile PC vehicle status screen.
08/10/2008 Restricted deletion of vehicles and activity reports to users with administrative rights.
05/12/2008 Fixed "Last cited" field in the "Reason" column of the Tow List Report to properly display the most recently issued citation.
05/12/2008 Parking Permit numbers added to Guest List Report.
05/12/2008 Changed Comments column in Activity Report to display the full text of comments instead of the abbreviated format.
05/06/2008 When performing a search for vehicle tags, resident name and address information now appears in the listing (click on column title to sort).
05/05/2008 Added "Permit" checkbox and number to Vehicle Information. When checked, a vehicle is permitted to park without restriction.
01/03/2008 Creating a user account that is not checked for "Admin" explicitly removes the Admin role from the account.
12/23/2007 A confirmation e-mail is now generated whenever a guest visit is registered.
12/22/2007 Replaced static calendars with pop-up calendars for Activity Report Options date selection.
12/19/2007 Fixed bug with reporting tow-eligibility of vehicles with more than one citation on record. The "Hours Elapsed" policy was incorrectly applied to citations issued beyond the initial citation.
12/15/2007 Added SiteID parameter to confirmation link URL e-mailed to resident when registering a guest vehicle. The SiteID parameter sets the profile for an anonymous user to the correct site when submitting the confirmation link.
12/15/2007 Fixed problem with formation of confirmation link URL e-mailed to resident when registering a guest vehicle. The link contained an extra '/' symbol (although it was still accepted by the browser).
10/18/2007 Updated style of site and published a set of main pages to describe the ActivityTracker product.
10/09/2007 Added "Show my history of visits" checkbox to vehicle registration
page. Only active or future visits are listed unless the box is checked.
09/28/2007 Fixed bug where Tow List Report did not correctly reflect the value
for the 'At least n Citations' Site Policy setting.
09/26/2007 Revised 'Report Options' to accept date ranges by default.
Added Tow Map feature to Reports. Map pinpoints locations of tows occurring within the date range. Note: Google Map settings (in Site Policy Setup) determine the map origin.
09/04/2007 To prevent DOS (Denial of Service) attacks, five consecutive (unsuccessful) login
attempts will lock out the user's account for a period of 10 minutes.
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